Belt driven single-stage compressors

Thanks to their excellent resistance to wear, these pumps are built to guarantee durability in time and the highest reliability.
The advantages that distinguish these belt driven bi-cylindrical compressors are many:

  • inter and after coolers that ensure efficient cooling of the air flowing into the tank;
  • oversized oil crankcase for improved lubrication;
  • spherical shafts in cast iron;
  • connecting rods with a special anti-wear manufacture;
  • multi blade flywheels for optimal cooling of the pump.

Suitable for constant hard work, these compressors are the ideal working tools for demanding hobbyists, professionals and small businesses.


Belt driven two-stage compressors

Designed and developed for constant hard work. The models of this range are enriched with technical solutions that improve their use:

  • sturdy belt guards in plastic to protect all the moving parts;
  • pressure reducers with dual outlet;
  • highly efficient two-stage pumps;
  • cylinders in cast iron for long durability;
  • visual check of the oil level;
  • solid handles;
  • large wheels and double caster wheels for simple transportation.


Lubricated twin “V” cylinders belt driven compressors

These belt driven compressors are supplied with pumps entirely manufactured in cast iron with a low number of revs; their belt guards, made of sturdy plastic, are designed to channel the air of the flywheel directly onto the cylinders, thereby considerably lowering the temperature of the compressed air generated. Equipped with external air filters to make them easier to open for cleaning and sight glasses to visually check the oil level.
Suitable for intensive use, the FERRUA compressors with “V” cylinders are the ideal working tool for demanding hobbyists and professionals.

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